There is a hierarchy in the wizarding world, higher wizards gain all the success and admiration of their peers while lower wizards are cast to the shadows. Some, like 18-year-old Madeline Ellen, have learned to accept their place in society. Although her sister Claudia is one of the most talented higher witches of her age, Madeline is a lower witch. The mere act of using magic takes a physical toll on Madeline, one which can be potentially deadly.

While Madeline’s sister, Claudia, is engaged to the poster boy of the wizarding elite, Henrich Arlette, Madeline has a far different destiny in store for her. Her father believes that lower wizards’ lack of abilities bring risk to wizarding society. He expects Madeline to join the human world and forget everything she’s ever known; including her own family.

However, Claudia has no intention of being Henrich’s bride. Through an unspeakable act of necromancy, Claudia changes both her fate and Madeline’s. Claudia’s engagement is no longer viable, and Henrich’s chance to become the most politically powerful wizard in America is threatened. But Madeline’s father promised one of his daughters’ hands in marriage, and Henrich Arlette plans to collect. Suddenly Madeline is the one engaged to Henrich and wrapped in the political games of the wizarding world. But Madeline won’t go quietly, not down the aisle to a man she’s barely met.

Now Madeline is front and center of a world she never thought she would be a part of. She decides to avoid falling prey to Henrich Arlette’s charms and define her own destiny.

But there’s far more than dangers of the heart lurking ahead…

When Prince James disappears, the kingdom is thrown into turmoil, and my quiet life is overturned. Without warning, our king removes the nobles from the court, the fiance chosen by my father being one of them. But it’s not just my fiance who arrives at my doorstep; it’s my longtime friend Enry, the one who I swore long ago to never love again.
Now I have to face not only the two of them but the rumors of the prince wandering my land. But when a handsome, playful stranger appears in my guestroom, I find myself only deeper entangled in the kingdom’s mystery. The mark of the fae’s wings on my back growing darker the closer I get to the secret…

It had been night far longer than anyone could remember…
I had never known the sun, nor had my parents or their parents before them. It had been stolen from us, blocked long ago by the spiteful fae king.
There is a glimmer of hope when the Night King announces to the country that his son will take a human bride. A contest is to be held to decide the future queen, one which draws in hundreds of entrants from across the country. But only nineteen will be chosen to go to the palace and meet the prince. I am thrown into the competition against my will, the first one chosen.
Unfortunately, I have no wish to marry a fae, let alone one like Prince Edwyn who by his own admission is incapable of love.
But once I am there I find I cannot leave, not that easily. I am tested by the bonds of friendship and devotion to my country. I can not let the kingdom of Whynne remain shrouded in darkness, not when I alone hold the key to lifting the veil of darkness.